​​​Known simply as Falcon, his images convey uniqueness and power. And his philosophy and passion drive his work.
“I believe in the ability of a single image, still or motion, to show us not only how the world is now, but how it can be. Each and every image we create can and will fundamentally change the way we see the world. And so it is that we call everyone who sees our work to envision that world with us.” Falcon’s images beckon you to
“See the World Again. For the First Time.”
The House of NyghtFalcon
Falcon and his team’s proprietary lighting methodology allows them to create emotionally powerful images without the constraints of studio work. In addition to still and motion imaging, their consultative services include brand awareness analysis, brand consistency development, digital marketing and so much more.

 “Although our core services remain still and motion imaging, everything we now do is centered around capturing, creating and conveying emotions.”
“Our responsibility as photographers,” states Falcon, “is to free our clients - and their clients - to experience even the most ordinary object or image as an extraordinary emotional experience. Emotion is the ultimate competitive edge.”
Founded January, 2003, the team quickly garnered international acclaim for its work. If a thousand photographs were on a table, and only one was a NyghtFalcon, that still image would be clearly and easily recognizable. Falcon’s hallmark style – the vibrant colors, rich texture, intensity of detail, emotional impact and unique artistic vision – clearly distinguishes the work from that of other photographers.