Sirui W Series Tripod Warranty and Cleaning Information

Sirui W Series waterproof tripods are designed to be used in sand and water without negative effect, when properly handled and cleaned. For this series only, the warning of voiding the warranty does not apply to use in water or sand. However, proper maintenance is required after use in extreme environments to prevent corrosion or other damage caused from neglect.
The legs should be set to the desired length and locked before placing in the water. This will prevent water from entering the leg tubes.
After use in saltwater, muddy or dirty water, the legs must be rinsed in clean water (and mild soap if needed) to remove all residue, and dried before closing the legs. If this is not done, the salt or dirt will dry and cause the leg sections to stick or jam. To remedy this problem, you will need to disassemble the tripod, thoroughly clean the outside and inside of the tubes and leg locks and then reassemble the tripod. Not a complicated procedure, just a time consuming one.
Sand should be removed before closing the legs, to avoid getting sand into the threads of the leg locks. If they do get in, remove the leg locks and rinse until there is no sand remaining in the threads. Use a tooth brush to remove any sand that is not washed away. A slight amount of light lubricant can be used on the threads if no lubricant is remaining after the cleaning. Please refer to the "How to clean the leg locks for SIRUI W Series Tripods" video for further instructions.