On this page, the SIRUI brand ambassadors introduce themselves. We are happy and proud to have the opportunity to work with these great and extremely talented photographers! We are also very happy, of course, that our Ambassadors are convinced of our products. Join the SIRUI Ambassadors on their photographic paths and be inspired by their impressive work.

Drew Hyttenrauch C.S.C - HYTT FILMS  

Drew Hyttenrauch is a commercial cinematographer and video editor based in Windsor, Ontario Canada. He is a proud member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and for over 15 years, Drew has created engaging video content for some of the worlds largest brands. Clients include Ford, VICE, Unreal Engine, Live Nation, Native Instruments, Thermofisher and more. His work has generated over 150 Million organic viral video views and counting.

As a dual American and Canadian citizen, Drew has traveled throughout his career through both Canada and the United States, filming content he loves for his clients. Drew's work has been featured in most major North American media outlets including VICE, FOX, Billboard, Rolling Stone, CTV News, Global TV, CBC, TVO, and he recently produced a pilot series for Netflix. 

An avid video technology enthusiast, he has partnered with major camera gear manufacturers across the globe to produce engaging, cinematic and educational videos. Drew has also donated all of his former cameras and equipment to Film Camp for Kids (Windsor), as well as upcoming filmmakers in Ghana Africa.

"I'm super excited to see our studios’ former camera gear being used by up-and-coming filmmakers to help tell their stories. If any business or individual has camera gear just sitting on the shelf collecting dust, consider donating it to the next generation of talented filmmakers," - Drew Hytt - Cinematographer - C.S.C.

Drew is currently open to producing new content and welcomes inquiries. You can find him online at 





Alissa Beth Rosenberg - Alissa Beth Photography

Alissa Rosenberg is a diverse and creative photographer from Long Island, New York, who picked up her first bridge camera to take photographs during a family vacation to Italy and has never turned back. Alissa has focused on capturing a moment whether it is in a vivid landscape, waterscape, and architecture or portrait photography. Alissa is a published artist who has been selected to participate in numerous juried gallery exhibits around NY, winning a variety of awards and honors of recognition.  Alissa’s signature photographs are her collection of Unique Macro Water Drops, for which she was recently awarded a Certificate of Recognition by Lillian Tone, Curator at MOMA.  Additionally, at the end of 2016, Alissa was awarded 3rd place in the prestigious International Photography Awards (IPA) category of Lifestyles/People for her series Perfectly Imperfect/Augmented Reality.    Artist’s Statement: “Youth is wasted on the young.” No one understands this statement better than someone who has moved beyond the years where they would be considered “young; an ever changing definition that is relative to the one that is reading the statement. I truly did not grow up thinking that I was an artist. I walked through life gathering experiences but not always seeing and appreciating the world around me. Now, during my midlife journey as a photographer I have gone back to looking at the world with a child’s eye.  My photographs are inspired by light as I have never seen it before; full of shadows and color and tone that allow me to paint an image or capture an emotion. Alissa’s work has been featured in New York Newsday, Long Island Travel Guide, Newsday Fun Book, Shutterbug Magazine, the New York Daily News and the Long Island Travel Bureau Tourism Brochure.  She has also had several solo gallery and group gallery showings in New York and around the country.  





Amber and Garrette Baird - Eyenamics

Eyenamics is an international multi award winning husband & wife filmmaking team and are dedicated to improving their industry through advanced education and providing their couples with beautifully crafted wedding stories. Not simply a wedding video, but a cinematic film that will immerse you into your wedding day and once again allow you to relive those emotions attached to the memories. With over 500 weddings filmed over the course of 13 years Garrette and Amber strive to capture the intimate moments of their couple’s day and their experience enables them to anticipate when those amazing moments happen. As cinematic wedding filmmakers they have seen first hand how the type of camera and gear you use can make a huge impact on your final product.                                                                     

Cecil Holmes - Cecil Holmes Photography

I am a widely published, self taught outdoor photographer and workshop instructor based in North Alabama.  My passion for nature and fine art drive my quest to capture the moods, characters and spirits of some wonderful and amazing locations.  I think photography says as much about the photographer as it does the photograph, so I strive to show you a little about myself and my view of the world in each image I share. Some of my published credits and clients include Nature Photographer, American Alpine Club Library and Tamron Lenses. I teach small, field based workshops and also offer classroom based instruction near my home. I come from an IT background and my teaching methods reflect getting a fabulous image at the point of capture and enhancing that in the digital darkroom. All images on this page are property of Cecil Holmes and Cecil Holmes Photography. Contact Email:

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Craig Varjabedian

“There is a point where the veil opens and an intuitive sense of what is being photographed reveals something authentic and beautiful. It may only last for an instant. I want to capture that magical moment and show it to the world, because it may never reveal itself again.” – Craig Varjabedian Craig Varjabedian’s memory of the day that inspired his passion for photography is as clear as the glacial waters of Lake Louise in his native Canada. Craig was seven years old and in awe of the majestic landscape around him. His mother encouraged him to peer into the viewfinder of the family’s Kodak camera for the first time and release the shutter. In that instant, he discovered the wonder of capturing a moment in time.   Later lured by the enigmatic vistas and people of the American West, Craig made Santa Fe, New Mexico, his home and found the artistic voice that is the hallmark of his fine art photography. Craig’s passion is creating art that explores and expresses the truth of his experiences in intimate portraits and luminous landscapes. His luminous photographs reflect his heart-felt connection to authenticity and beauty; the photographer uses the depths of black & white and the nuances of color to move viewers beyond the realm of simple print on paper. For over forty years, his devotion to making photographs and producing meticulously hand-crafted prints is evident in each image he makes. The results are images only a master in love with his art can divine. Ten books have been published on Craig Varjabedian’s photographic work, including En Divina Luz: The Penitente Moradas of New Mexico, Four & Twenty Photographs: Stories from Behind the Lens, Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby and Landscape Dreams, A New Mexico Portrait. His upcoming book Into the Great White Sands celebrates the beauty of White Sands National Monument, will be published by the University of New Mexico Press in Spring 2018. Eloquent Light Photography

David Carrigan

David Carrigan is a New England based professional photographer and educator who has been honing his art for many years. In 2015 he started sharing his knowledge with aspiring amateur photographers through workshops around New England. He also does individual mentoring.    David enjoys a variety of photography from events to landscapes. He has a special liking for black and white images. David has been published in Motorcycle magazines and he is well known in Western Massachusetts for being the official photographer at motorcycle fund raising events. He has a special passion for supporting Veteran causes, as well as, Breast Cancer Awareness, the Shriners Hospital for Children and many other charities.  He also speaks at local schools and camera clubs about his craft, that has give back so much to him.  The friends, mentors, students and memories photography has blessed him with thus far are enough to last a lifetime.  David resides in Westfield, Massachusetts with his loving and supportive wife, Sonia and daughter, Amelia and two Boston Terriers known as the Boys.    "Be true to your vision and inspire from your heart."    I have been very blessed to be around some amazing photographers. I have enjoyed photographing some of the most iconic locations in New England and across the United States. I've been inspired by the work of Ansel Adams, David Akoubian, Cecil Holmes, Mike Moats, John Batdorff, Erik Valind and many others. I hope my students are able to enjoy their time with me and learn to create amazing images every place they visit.  





Falcon - The House of NyghtFalcon

Known simply as Falcon, his images convey uniqueness and power. And his philosophy and passion drive his work.   “I believe in the ability of a single image, still or motion, to show us not only how the world is now, but how it can be. Each and every image we create can and will fundamentally change the way we see the world. And so it is that we call everyone who sees our work to envision that world with us.” Falcon’s images beckon you to “See the World Again. For the First Time.” The House of NyghtFalcon Falcon and his team’s proprietary lighting methodology allows them to create emotionally powerful images without the constraints of studio work. In addition to still and motion imaging, their consultative services include brand awareness analysis, brand consistency development, digital marketing and so much more.  “Although our core services remain still and motion imaging, everything we now do is centered around capturing, creating and conveying emotions.”   “Our responsibility as photographers,” states Falcon, “is to free our clients - and their clients - to experience even the most ordinary object or image as an extraordinary emotional experience. Emotion is the ultimate competitive edge.”   Founded January, 2003, the team quickly garnered international acclaim for its work. If a thousand photographs were on a table, and only one was a NyghtFalcon, that still image would be clearly and easily recognizable. Falcon’s hallmark style – the vibrant colors, rich texture, intensity of detail, emotional impact and unique artistic vision – clearly distinguishes the work from that of other photographers.




Marc Weisberg

From luxury real estate & architectural photography, executive portraits & head shots, children’s portraits to food & wine photography, you’ll find Marc’s trademark – magazine style imagery published internationally in books and magazines. With an impressive client list produced over the last 17 years, Marc has built a global photography business that knows no bounds. Marc is proud to be a SIRUI Ambassador and a Sony Artisan of Imagery, based in, Irvine California.

Paul F. Gero Paul Gero has been a full-time photographer and visual storyteller since 1983 when he started as a photography intern at The Chicago Tribune.  That opportunity led to a full-time position six months later and in 1985 the paper transferred him to their Washington, DC bureau.  While there he covered the second term of the Reagan administration, the Iran-Contra hearings, political campaigns and conventions in 1988 as well as civil unrest in Haiti.   In 1989, he became a contract photographer based in Washington D.C. for the French photo agency Sygma.   In 1990, he left Washington D.C. and took a position on staff at The Arizona Republic in Phoenix.  While there he documented stories on the U.S./Mexico border and inside Mexico, photographed the Phoenix Suns in their run to the NBA Finals against the Chicago Bulls (Barkley vs. Jordan), The Super Bowl and thousands of other photographic assignments while on staff. During that time, he also did extensive freelance work for Sports Illustrated, People Magazine, Time Magazine, US News & World Report and many others.     His portrait of Pat Tillman high in the lights at Arizona State University from 1997 has become one of the iconic images of Tillman, who was killed in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger in 2004 after walking away from a lucrative career in the NFL in the aftermath of 911. Those photographs have been used by the Pat Tillman Foundation, Arizona State University and were featured prominently in a documentary on Tillman produced by NFL Films in the fall of 2016.   In 2002, he and his wife Nicki relocated to Southern California to open Paul F. Gero Photography, specializing in portraits, weddings and commercial work. In addition to his stills work he is expanding his offering into creating video for business and other projects in his area.   He is the author of the book "Digital Wedding Photography (2004)” and “Mastering Digital Wedding Photography (2016)", has taught hundreds of students through his seminars, and through  Paul is a proud member of the Sony Artisans of Imagery Program.  Nicki and Paul live in Ladera Ranch, CA along with their two children Kate and Matthew (AKA "Sparky").  Documenting their lives is the highlight of his photographic life, his life-long project. You can find Paul on the web at: 




Kenneth R. Hines, Jr.

Kenneth Hines, Jr. is a New York City and Atlanta based photographer, instructor and Sony Alpha Imaging Collective Ambassador; known for his distinctive signature style of high contrast images with vibrant colors, non-specific specialization to one genre of photography and his eclectic photography portfolio that includes Weddings, Fashion, Street, Landscape, Interiors, Worship/Concerts and Architecture to name a few. His work has been featured by numerous publications, such as Celebrity Bride Guide, Life & Style Weekly, The Atlantan Magazine, Brides, The Weather Channel and Curbed Atlanta and he’s worked with many notable public figures and companies, such as Cynthia Bailey (Fashion Model, Real Housewives of Atlanta), Ludacris (Rap Artist), Marriott Hotels & Resorts, International Interior Design Association, ZEISS Camera Lenses, Sony Electronics and Sotheby Realty. ---

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