SIRUI Jupiter 28-85mm T3.2 Full-Frame Zoom Cine Lens SIRUI Jupiter Prime Cine Lens
Macro T2 Full-Frame Series
SIRUI Jupiter E/RF Adapters
Born for full-frame and larger camera systems, this 3x zoom is a perfect combination of size and price. Featuring advanced mechanical and optical construction as well as stunning image quality, this zoom beast will soon become a new favorite in the market.​
3x Zoom
The 28-85mm lens covers a very practical zoom range from wide-angle to medium telephoto to meet various shooting needs.​
Parfocal Design
The focus remains unchanged while zooming, so the story will be consistent and attractive.
Negligible Focus Breathing
Focus breathing is well contained. No visible focus shift can be detected at the edge of the frame while changing focus.
8K Resolution
The image is sharp without being overly sharp, leaning more towards a soft vintage look. The transition is smooth and natural with some pleasing bokeh in the background.
Constant T-Stops
The aperture stays constant when changing focal lengths. The step-less aperture ring and identical 0.8mm pitch gears make the lens super smooth to operate and use.
Solid Build Quality
Constructed with solid metal, the lens looks super sleek and sturdy.
Smooth Focus Control & Dual-Scale Ring
Gear rings allow the focus motor to be mounted for precise and smooth focus pulling. The focus ring features a dual scale with both feet and meters.
Cine-Style Lens Mount
SIRUI Jupiter Series is available in native PL/EF mount, compatible with many professional cinema cameras. E/RF adapter is offered for use on a wider range of popular mirrorless cameras.