Why Choose the SIRUI 1.33x S35 Series?
SIRUI anamorphic, with 1.33x &1.6x squeeze factors, complete focal lengths, a large user group, and a good reputation, has become the most successful budget anamorphic brand on the market.
Starting at $499
High quality doesn't have to be expensive. For less than the price of a single lens from other brands, you can get a complete four-lens set from SIRUI. The lens set offers shutterbugs, low-budget studios, and indie filmmakers the opportunity to create an amazing cinematic world at an affortable price.
4 Focal Lengths
4 most used focal lengths from wide-angle to medium telephoto allow for complete and consistent project shooting.
CinemaScope Aspect Ratio
The 1.33x anamorphic is perfect on cameras with a 16:9 sensor to directly produce a standard wide-screen 2.4:1 aspect ratio.
Want to achieve the same 2.4:1 aspect ratio with a higher squeeze factor? Use the lens on a specific sensor or crop the image in post will work.
Anamorphic Characteristics
The stretched oval bokeh and blue lens flares, which are hard to fake in post,
bring a unique cinematic look and feel to the film.
Stunning Image Quality
This lineup outperforms its rivals in maximum aperture, sharpness, and distortion control while still maintaining the anamorphic artistic aesthetic.
Compact & Lightweight
Throw the lens on lightweight setups, for example a gimbal,
to explore flexible angles that cannot be achieved by traditional bulky anamorphic lenses.
Native RF/L Mount
The lens set covers S35 sensors. When used on full-frame cameras, the images should be cropped a little bit in post. The lenses can work with many popular video cameras to form a compact rig suitable for run and gun shooting.