SIRUI K-X Series Ball Head

SIRUI's unique locking mechanism for guaranteed precision and safety.

Separate control knobs for panning and locking. Friction knob is conveniently located on the main locking knob.

Rugged metal knobs for long lasting operation and precision.

Dual bubble level allow precise horizontal leveling for critical shooting situations.

Arca-compatible SIRUI Quick Release plate TY-50X, anodized aluminum with rubber non-slip surface and 1/4 bolt with folding D Ring for easy attachment to your camera.

Model: K-10X
Diameter: 33mm/1.3inch
Height: 96mm/3.8inch
Weight: 0.39Kg/0.9lb
Load: 20Kg/44.1lb
Compatible With: 0/1 Series Tripods
Model: K-20X
Diameter: 38mm/1.5inch
Height: 101mm/4.0inch
Weight: 0.43Kg/0.9lb
Load: 25Kg/55.1lb
Compatible With: 1/2 Series Tripods
Model: K -30X
Diameter: 44mm/1.7inch
Height: 109mm/4.3inch
Weight: 0.55Kg/1.2lb
Load: 30Kg/66.1lb
Compatible With: 2/3 Series Tripods
Model: K -40X
Diameter: 54mm/2.1inch
Height: 124mm/4.9inch
Weight: 0.8Kg/1.8lb
Load: 35Kg/77.2lb
Compatible With: 3/4 Series Tripods