P-36 Adapter/P-36 Kit - Tripod Base + Adapter

P-36 Adapter: If you own both P-306/P-326 monopod and P-325FS/P-325FL monopod, you can form the P-306/P-326 monopod and the tripod base of P-325FS/P-325FL monopod into a kit via the P-36 adapter.

* P-306 monopod attached with the tripod base of P-325FS can meet a lighter and higher need.

P-36 Kit - Tripod Base + Adapter: If you own P-306/P-326 monopod, and want to pair it with a tripod base, then the P-36 Kit would be a good

*Upgrade P-306 monopod into a versatile modular kit that can handlemany situations.

How to set up:

① Pull out the last section of the P-306 monopod.

② Slip the locking nut into the tube section.

③ Insert the tube section into the connector.

④ Close the connector.

⑤ Pull down the locking nut and tighten it.

⑥ Pull down the quick release sleeve to remove the mounting platform.

⑦ Insert the P-306 monopod into the quick release sleeve. The monopod is locked securely when you hear a clicking sound.

How to detach:

Pull down the quick release sleeve to remove the adapter. Unscrew the locking nut and open the connector to take out the monopod.