Modular Design
The mounting plate, monopod leg and tripod base can be detached and freely combined into a monopod, an extension rod or a tabletop tripod. This is a versatile tool that serves many purposes.
Quick Setup
The monopod features a quick-release system. Pull on the sleeve to remove the mounting plate and simply insert the plate back to securely lock it in place.
Tall & Sturdy
Monopods in this series are relatively tall and sturdy with large leg tubes, and are therefore suitable for use in a wide range of scenarios.
360° Panning
The upper twist collar has a groove-textured surface for a firm twist. Unlock the collar to get a full 360°panning ability.
36°tilting in any direction gives you a lot of flexibility.
Versatile Minipod
The minipod is made of solid aluminum to be robust and stable.
Great Performance In Extreme Weather
Whether it is scorching heat or freezing winters (-40℃~100℃), the monopod always stays in its best condition.
VH-10 Fluid Head
The built-in hydraulic damper allows you to pan (360°) and tilt (-70°to +90°) the lightweight VH-10 fluid head smoothly to get your desired angle.