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Photokina 2018 - SIRUI waits for you in Cologne

Photokina, known as the global flagship event of the world imaging exhibition, will be held in Cologne Germany during Sep 26th - 29th. As a professional, international influential and high level event of the photography industry, Photokina has attracted a large quantity of top brands from all over the world, and SIRUI will be one of the famous brands that will attend the show. What surprise will SIRUI bring to the photography Enthusiast? Let’s have a preview of them. 


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SIRUI has got a booth with 130 square meters in Photokina 2018 for showing its various product lines. Multiple product display areas will be available for customers to experience the precious craftsmanship and ingenious ideas from SIRUI. 

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SIRUI will show hundreds of products at the booth in Photokina 2018 to feast your eyes, which include the professional tripods, SLR level mobile phone auxiliary lenses, new developed intelligent products, magic filters and so on. Now we would like to expose a few of products with high-profile as follows:

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SIRUI mobile phone auxiliary lenses are made from German Schott glass with aircraft grade aluminum housing. With its exceptional precision and care from the finest materials, SIRUI mobile phone auxiliary lenses help you capture images with high quality.

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SIRUI 4 Lens Kit is lightweight and portable. It’s a perfect option to maximize your shooting experience of mobile photography. 

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SIRUI Landscape Master Filter Kits are with the autograph of the landscape master Mr. Rocky Cai on them. The kit includes a filter holder system, a CPL filter, a SGND filter, a Square ND filter and three adapter rings. SIRUI Landscape Master Filter Kit is the perfect option to open your travel of photography. 

SIRUI New S Grade Tripods

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SIRUI SR Series tripods are designed with arch profile legs for perfect combination of force and beauty. Professional and portable design of the tripods take your photography trip to a new level.


SIRUI T-0S Series Tripods

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SIRUI T-0S Series Tripods provide you an individual option for photography support. SIRUI T-025SK tripod is made of carbon fiber, lightweight and portable of it make your photography during travel be easy.

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Besides the products above, SIRUI will have more amazing products showing in the Photokina 2018. Looking forward to seeing you there.