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SIRUI safeguard our legal rights at P&E


Kingjue is required to remove the booth


Over the pass few years, SIRUI have been working hard on protecting design and Patents, and we have already applied for more than 10 patent and which are verified. This year, SIRUI specialized organize a group to research the same industry, to ensure no copy showing in P&E. Meanwhile, SIRUI has cleared and announced the valid patent number.




At Beijing P&E show, there are a lot of oversea customers came and visited, besides the oversea customers, there are also many new dealers from different district of China, we believe that SIRUI will have a great progress this year.



 SIRUI Lawyer and the Principal of Intellectual Property Rights Association

                                    SIRUI Tripod                                                            Kingjue tripod


              During April 21-24th,the Beijing local Intellectual Property Rights Association  has united every photographic equipment exhibitors to protect the patents. We found out that the angle adjustor design of Kingjue tripod infringed SIRUI patent. After verified, this patent is indeed owned by SIRUI, Kingjue is ordered to stop showing this product by the association of P&E.