SIRUI LD-S Light Modifier Kit
Quick-Release Softbox + Light Stand
SIRUI 60cm/23.6inches Quick Release Softbox
What is So Special about the SIRUI Softbox?
SIRUI Softbox features inner/front diffusion fabric and fabric grid to transform point-source hard lights into a beautiful soft even light, suitable for portrait shooting, live streaming, studio shooting, etc.
Quick Setup & Breakdown
Operation of the softbox can be as easy as pie. simply lift up the rods to open and push the buttons to close.
Bowens Mount
The softbox comes with a universal Bowens mount to work with a wide variety of lighting systems, including the SIRUI C60/C60B LED light.
Parabolic Design
Lights are reflected several times in the dome to become nice and soft, naturally spreading from center to edge. 16 rods are used to make a nearly round-shaped softbox that produces flattering circular catchlights.
Inner & Front Diffusion Fabric
Fine and crease-resistant diffusion fabric is used to soften hard lights, creating consistent quality soft light to illuminate large spaces.
Fabric Grid Included
A fabric grid is included to control the direction of light and minimize excess spill light, providing soft shallows that are pleasing to the eye.​
SIRUI Light Stand
Max Height 2.8m/9.2ft; Buffer Spring; Reliable & Durable
Universal Standard 1/4"-20 Screw
Buffer Spring
Gently descend to protect the light
Reliable & Durable
The light stand is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy to be reliable and durable.
Reliable & Durable