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SIRUI T60 Telescopic RGB Tube Light
Why Choose SIRUI T60?
Two-Purpose Telescopic Tube Light
SIRUI T60 features an innovative two-section telescopic design to serve either as a 30cm tube light or as a 60cm tube light.
Compact & Portable
SIRUI T60 is smaller and lighter than similar products. A carrying case is included to protect the light when moving around.
Mini Tripod Included
Open up the mini tripod to stand the light steadily or fold down the mini tripod to handheld the light comfortably.
Built-In Battery
The internal battery is able to power the light at 100% output for about 2 hours. Charging while using is allowed.
Magnetic Remote Control & Group Control
The magnetic remote control is detachable. Set multiple lights to the same channel and control them together via a remote control.
APP Control
Pair lights on set with your phone and group control them via the SIRUI LIGHT APP.
Memory Function
Up to 20 sets of data can be saved for direct use next time.
14 Lighting Effects
14 lighting effects with variable speed and brightness allow filmmakers to simulate vivid lighting scenarios on a low budget.​
Music Mode
In music mode, the light reacts to music or sound, which makes it perfect for shooting music videos.
CCT Mode
SIRUI T60 features a variable color temperature from 2500K to 8000K to achieve
tungsten to daylight.
360° Full Color
With full control over the color spectrum, SIRUI T60 is capable of delivering a wide range of colors. The saturation and brightness of each
color are adjustable.​
Accurate Color Rendering
High CRI LEDs in matrix arrangement together with SMD RGB LEDs contribute to the high CRI/TLCI rating of the SIRUI T60. In addition, CVCC power supply is adopted to ensure that the light produced is consistent with no flicker.
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