Carbon Fiber Construction
The front barrel is constructed with carbon fiber to be lightweight but durable.
Tiniest & Lightest
Well-designed aspherical elements have been used in this new lens to eliminate chromatic aberration and reduce overall lens size and weight.​
This lens is even smaller than a smartphone. When used on cameras or other setups, the overall weight remains favorable.
Lens in such a small form factor can be used on handheld stabilizers, FPV drones and vehicle rigs to gain unique perspectives that are previously unattainable.
Handheld, mount on a gimbal or DJI Ronin 4D for quick run-and-gun shooting.
Two Flare Options Tailored To Your Taste
Constant Squeeze Ratio No “Anamorphic Mumps”
This lens maintains a constant 1.6x squeeze ratio at all focusing points, meaning that the subject size doesn't change as you pull the focus.
Wide Field Of ViewEmbrace The Magnificent Scenary
Equivalent to the horizontal FOV of a 22mm FF spherical lens, this little boy can be lifted on an FPV drone to capture breathtaking shots from the sky.
The combination of wide field of view and compact size allows you to shoot in tight spaces or from interesting angles.
Cinematic LookYou Want It, You Got It
No Cropping, Stunning Image Quality, 2.4:1 &2.8:1 CinemaScope Aspect Ratios
The 1.6x squeeze factor renders a shallower depth of field, more elongated bokeh and a stronger sense of compression than the 1.33x, which is helpful in separating the subject from the background and adding an artistic touch to your film.
Mount Options
Common Scenarios
Ideal for creators who want a compact, lightweight lens that can handle a wide range of scenarios.
What’s in the Box
Why SIRUI Carbon fiber Anamorphic?