FAQ of SIRUI 50mm Anamorphic lens

Q:  When 50mm Anamorphic lens will be available in US Market?

A: It will be available to global market on late April 2020.

Q: Does the lens works with my Camera?

A: The lens works with these lens mounts: Sony E-mount, Fuji X-mount, and M4/3 for Panasonic. Cameras with these mounts work with SIRUI 50mm anamorphic lens mechanically.

Q: I have a Nikon Z-mount camera, can I use it?

A: If you have an adapter that converting Sony-E mount to Nikon Z mount, you will be fine.

Q: What is the frame of SIRUI 50mm anamorphic lens?


Q: Is that manual focus or auto focus?

A: Manual focus